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DIAMOND is a sequence aligner for protein and translated DNA searches, designed for high performance analysis of big sequence data.

Profile Format

Taxpasta expects a tab-separated file with three columns. This is generated with the DIAMOND parameter --outfmt 102. Taxpasta will interpret the columns as:

Column Header Description

Taxpasta internally generates the value used in the standardised profile output, by summarising number of reads per taxonomy_id


shigella_dysenteriae_958/1  511145  2.46e-08
shigella_dysenteriae_1069/1 511145  2.37e-07
escherichia_coli_308/1  511145  1.55e-12
shigella_dysenteriae_1418/1 1310613 7.75e-10
escherichia_coli_962/1  1310613 7.02e-06
shigella_dysenteriae_520/1  1310613 5.46e-12
shigella_dysenteriae_242/1  1310613 2.91e-12
escherichia_coli_1146/1 1310613 2.61e-11
escherichia_coli_551/1  1310613 1.94e-14
shigella_dysenteriae_1094/1 1310613 1.74e-13
shigella_dysenteriae_999/1  0   0